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. they didn't. then markets rebelled and interest rates went up and up and up, and then came paul volcker, with the most draconian policy to put things right, with terrific attention to human suffering. it seems to me something like that will happen now. markets are enthralled to these central bankers. it's astonishing after so many years of demonstrated human error on the part of these mandarins, people still seemingly trust them. but they do, for now. they won't always. >> well, we'll be watching that. you hope it doesn't end as badly, but certainly, we've got history on that side. jim, good to have you on the program. >> thank you, maria. >> thank you for your brackets and your analogy to march madness. >>> up next, nike is named after the greek goddess of victory. do they have victorious earnings? >> the top line came in a little bit light at 6.19 billion. the estimate has been for over 6.2 billion, about 6.23. part of the reason they did see their revenues up 9% in every geographic area except for greater china and japan. they said every category except sportswear and action sports.
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1